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Echoes of Erin is a jewelry design and manufacturing company begun in 2003 by sisters Connie Hatt and Vicki Haddon, located on beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay in southern New Brunswick.

Our area has a rich history…….

In the 17 and 1800's this province saw the arrival of large numbers of Irish immigrants. When a name was being chosen for the province, one of the proposals was 'New Ireland' in recognition of these immigrants. About 3 miles from our home is a small island that was used as a quarantine station in the 1800's. When these people arrived, they brought with them their traditions and their culture.



About Us

Hospital Island

 By combining traditional Celtic designs with numerous metalworking techniques, we are provided with endless design possibilities to create many unique items.

 Celtic Art dates back over 2000 years. The early Celts decorated everything from weapons and armour to household items and jewelry. Christian artists later adapted these designs to illuminate manuscripts, stone carvings, etc. The early Celts believed the lines of knotwork represented the complexity of life and the unbroken lines echoed eternity and symbolized man's spiritual growth.

We use mostly traditional knots in our designs, taken from the Book of Kells and other manuscripts as well as from stone crosses and carvings. We make our own molds from clay as well as a small cutter for each design to keep the sizes uniform. Each piece is molded from porcelain clay, receives 3 coats of glaze and goes through 2 kiln firings, the highest being over 2200 degrees. The pieces are then assembled in various settings, some combined with handcrafted chains.

Since those humble beginnings over 10 years ago, there has been much trial and error, some informative classes, a truck load of instructional books and videos, and Santa has been ever faithful with new tools and supplies under the tree.  (The fun years are the ones when I receive more tools than my husband!)  My sewing room is now my jewelry studio, with the sewing machine relegated to the corner - but not too far away, just in case I need to shorten a pair of pants.

It’s been an amazing journey and I have met so many wonderful and incredibly talented people along the way.  Some will be lifelong friends, but I’ve learned from all of them - something that I CAN do and sometimes something that I can’t.  (Hats off to all of my potter friends - NO competition here!!)

Every year, there are new techniques to learn and new pieces to add to the line - and my sketch file keeps getting thicker!  Many thanks to the faithful customers who have made this possible - stay tuned - there is always more to come!

The kiln loaded, ready to fire.

After the firing and cooling stages.

Looking out from our back deck on a cold January day.  So nice to be able to turn on the torch and work at home!

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